Chimney sweepers in Helston Falmouth & St ives

If you're based in Helston and need your chimney sweeping, contact Mick the Window for a free quote.

Professional chimney sweeping services

A fully qualified and experienced chimney sweep, Mick the Window provides a clean and reliable service to customers throughout the Helston area.

With a great reputation in the local area, we have a lot of regular customers who come to us time and time again for chimney sweeping services. We offer both traditional brush and rod sweeping in addition to power sweeping, depending on your chimney type to achieve the best possible result.

Chimney lining

We offer chimney lining services for a range of reasons:

  • You've noticed condensation on the inside of the walls close to the chimney
  • There's staining on the walls of the chimney, on the outside or inside of the property
  • The flue is leakingĀ  smoke and carbon monoxide into the room
  • You're in the process of having a new stove or fire fitted - the chimney flue needs to be sized correctly to ensure safety of the appliance.

Soot removal

Over time, soot builds up in your chimney causing a blockage. If soot is not removed from your chimney, it increases the risk of a build-up leading to a possible chimney fire.

There are ways to mitigate this, such as using certain fuels that reduce the risk of build-up in the first place. Why not get in touch with the experts at Mick the Window to find out more?

Chimney services in Helston

For a professional chimney sweeping service, call Mick the Window for an informal discussion and a free, no-obligation quote.